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What are Curipod Quick Writes?

Curipod’s Quick Writes supplement your amazing classroom instruction and school-determined curriculum. They are engaging, immersive writing tasks that allow students to receive immediate feedback to improve their writing, reading, and critical thinking skills. Curipod Quick Writes fits seamlessly into your teaching practice, providing standards-aligned experiences that provide meaningful feedback on student skills and areas for growth. 

Curipod Quick Writes are designed to build your students literacy skills through on-demand writing tasks focused on the Curipod literacy Power Standards:

  • Making inferences to support conclusions
  • Citing textual evidence from informational or literary texts to support analysis
  • Argumentative writing to support claims in analysis of substantive topics

What teachers say about Curipod

“I love the range of activities that I can include in a lesson. Also how I can inspire my own curiosity and creativity by the amount of customisation you can do. My students really enjoy all the different ways they can show their learning and the feedback has proven very popular. Basically all of my lessons are either entirely or partially a Curipod lesson and my classroom is a better place for it ” AIleen Wallace

Empower Your Students: Mastering Argumentative Writing

In our Argumentative Quick Writes series, students not only learn what argumentative writing is but also become adept at critical thinking and communication. Here’s what students take away:

  • Skillful Writing: Learn the art of writing a paragraph and extend to multi-paragraph arguments that are grounded in clear reasoning and supported by relevant evidence.
  • Critical Engagement: Engage in written and verbal debates and discussions, enhancing the ability to write an essay by appreciating diverse perspectives and crafting stronger arguments.
  • Aligned Excellence: Each Quick Write aligns with TEKS and Common Core standards, ensuring your teaching adheres to rigorous educational benchmarks. Our Customizable Lessons guide students towards excellence on assessments with rubric-aligned feedback in student-friendly language.

Aligns with Current Instruction

The Curipod Argumentative Quick Write Series integrates into your current classroom practice. 

  • Pre-Assessment, Practice and Post-Assessment: Use Quick Writes with students at the start, middle and end of your argument unit to have a reliable measure of student skill growth in relation to literacy power standards. 
  • Brain Breaks and Skills Practice: Use Quick Writes to engage students during class time, after school and during “Sub Days”. No two lessons on Curipod will ever be the same, students can practice every day and have a new, customized learning experience! 
  • Teacher Dashboard: This allows you to “peek over your students' shoulders” while writing online. It also allows you to add your thoughts to the feedback students receive on their writing, analyze student participation in the activity, and identify areas for students and the class to grow further in learning.

A Unique Learning Experience: Read, Write, Evaluate (and Write Again!)

  • Read: Students engage with texts presenting current, relevant challenges, customized using AI. No two lessons are ever the same, offering fresh and engaging content every time.
  • Write: Students defend their positions in well-structured short texts, perfecting paragraph writing skills either independently or collaboratively.
  • Evaluate: Immediate, personalized, rubric-aligned feedback helps students recognize their strengths and areas for growth, engaging them in a recursive writing process to improve their next argumentative essay. The Curipod Writing Rubric is aligned with TEKS and CCSS. It’s a simplified 2-1-0 rubric adjusted to support the quick-write format.

Engagement That Resonates

  • Choice and Voice: Students choose topics—from environmental issues to the latest sports debates—making the argumentative quick writes personally relevant and deeply engaging.
  • Real Challenges, Real Skills: Tasks mimic real-world problems, requiring thoughtful, persuasive solutions using Critical Thinking. 
  • Collaboration and Reflection: Working in pairs, students openly discuss feedback and work towards continuous improvement. In a Curipod Customizable Lesson every student has a voice and can share their thoughts with confidence. 
  • Try and Try Again: The option to revise their work fosters a resilient, growth-oriented mindset.

The Importance of Argumentative Quick Writes

Why prioritize argumentative writing? Because today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, need to articulate ideas clearly and persuasively. Curipod Quick Writes equips them with these essential skills, ensuring they excel in academic settings and beyond.

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