How to avoid connectivity issues

If participants are unable to connect or stay connected while you’re presenting live, you or they may be experiencing a connectivity issue.

the Curipod team

What is a connectivity issue?

Anything that causes you or participants to frequently lose connection, or that prevents connection, to our game servers. Most often they are related to network or security settings that you or an IT admin can adjust quickly. But on a rare occasion, there may be server-side issues that require our engineers to fix.

Common connectivity issues

Participants are unable to connect to the live classroom using PIN

1. Your school, district or office have a firewall or proxy server or in the web content filtering service

Below are all URLs that must be open in order for a teacher to be able to use Curipod. Share this document with your IT department to permit access.

Note: These URLs must be accessible both for the school firewall and the web filter service(GoGuardian, LightSpeed and Securly).

URL What is it used for? Main page of Curipod, make presentations, host presentations and use the ai generator. The url to the Curipod server The url to the Curipod live classroom server The student and participant web page The url to Curipod authentication, authorisation and Single Sign On server Another url to Curipod authentication, login and signup page Image provider. Images are added automatically to slides, or selected manually in the image library.

2. Teacher device work, but not student devices

Some schools and organizations are able to set different access levels for specific groups. Your players’ devices may have a more restrictive access level than your device.

How to solve: Try to connect a student device to a different network, such as a personal hotspot, to see if the issue is resolved. If it is, contact your IT admin to adjust the access level for student devices.

Still doesn't work? Ask your IT department if Curipod is labelled as "Generative AI" in their content filter solution.

3. It is still not working, but I allowed for the URLs in the firewall.

It might very well be the web content filter blocking the urls. It's like a double firewall on top of your existing firewall. Ask your IT department whether your school and district uses: GoGuardian, Securly or LightSpeed. Allowing the urls listed above should make Curipod work perfectly well!