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What do you think is the most important skill to have when working in a legal profession?
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Legal professions are a wide range of exciting and rewarding jobs in the world of justice. From lawyers and court reporters to paralegals and legal secretaries, explore the many possibilities. Find out how your skills can help make a difference in this dynamic field.
Exploring the World of Legal Professions
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Lawyer: A person who has been trained in the law and is licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. Legal System: A set of laws, regulations, and procedures that are enforced by the government to maintain order and justice. Jurisdiction: The authority of a court or other body to hear and decide a particular case or issue a particular ruling.
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What do you think about the legal profession?
  • It is rewarding and meaningful
  • It is boring and unfulfilling
  • I'm not sure
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What legal professions do you think are the most important in our society today?
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Чи може сучасна молодь надати правозахисним професіям перевагу перед іншими юридичними професіями в сьогоденньому світі?
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What is the Ukrainian word for 'lawyer'?
  • Адвокат
  • Суддя
  • Нотаріус
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What does the term 'paralegal' mean?
  • A legal assistant who helps lawyers with research and document preparation.
  • An advocate who represents clients in court.
  • A mediator who helps resolve disputes outside of court.
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What type of lawyer specializes in criminal law?
  • Criminal defense attorney
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Immigration lawyer
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What have you learned about the world of legal professions that you believe will be most useful to you in the future?
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How has your perception of legal professions changed since you first learned about them in 9th grade?
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What are some of the different legal professions in Ukraine and what are the roles and responsibilities of each?
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What do you think are the most important qualities for a successful lawyer to possess?
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