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In three words, can you describe the difference between comedy and horror?
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In your narrative you will need to use the following: Characters Setting Plot Conflict (Problem) Climax Resolution (Problem is solved)
Concepts: Narrative Writing
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Comedy stories usually contain jokes and humorous situations while horror stories include suspense and frightening elements. Elements of comedy can include jokes, sarcasam, and a light hearted ending. Elements of horror can include fear, dread, and surprise.
Writing a Short Narrative: Comedy vs Horror
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Which do you think is harder to write: a short narrative comedy or a short narrative horror story?
  • Short narrative comedy
  • Short narrative horror story
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Comedy and horror both rely on creating suspense with a surprise ending. However, the surprise ending of a comedy typically has a more uplifting or humorous resolution. In comedy, one of the most important elements is timing. Timing is what allows a joke to land. In horror, timing is used to create suspense and tension between scares.
Did you know?
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What are some tips for writing a short narrative? Think about how you wrote your narrative in 6th grade.
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What are some key elements that differentiate a comedy narrative from a horror narrative? Can you provide examples of how these elements are used in each genre?

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