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1. Open question
180 seconds
What is stigma?
2. Slide
60 seconds
What is Mental Health Stigma?
Stigma is a negative opinion or judgement about something Mental health stigma is when people have negative beliefs or attitudes about mental illness These beliefs or attitudes can lead to discrimination, which can make it harder to get help
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60 seconds
Fun facts:
More than half of Americans will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. The World Health Organization reports that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition at some point in their life. Despite being so common, more than half of people with mental illnesses do not seek help due to fear of judgement.
4. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw / write: What are some ways we can overcome stigma?
5. Drawings
450 seconds
What does a meaningful conversation Look like, Sound like, and Feel like (Y Graph)
6. Open question
150 seconds
What is one way that meaningful conversations can help to break down the stigma of mental health?
7. Slide
60 seconds
In your Folio
(AU)Definition of Mental Health (AU)Notes on the importance of looking after Mental health. (I) Y chart of a meaningful conversation (see, hear feel like)
8. Slide
60 seconds
Task: Make it ok senarios
Read through each scenario and brainstorm responses. (Re)Take notes in your book about what you can do to support other peoples mental health.
9. Open question
330 seconds
Do you think meaningful conversations help to break down the stigma of mental health? Why or Why not?
10. Slide
60 seconds
11. Open question
540 seconds
What questions do we have?
12. Slide
60 seconds
In your book
(AU)Define Stigma. (Re)Has your thinking changed? I used to think... Now I think...
13. Slide
60 seconds
Learning Intention: We are learning about Mental Health and Wellbeing Success Criteria: I am successful when I can determine what makes up a persons identity I am successful when I can identify what can impact a person’s mental health / identity
14. Open question
180 seconds
"You can create your own Identity"
15. Slide
60 seconds
A New Hero -Sabrina Frederick Traub
Sabrina’s the most easygoing, ruthless fighter you’re likely to meet. Warm without a touch of arrogance, but when she steps over that white line she transforms into a superhero, a fierce competitor with a will to dominate. She wears these contradictions with absolute ease. Taking to the field as a marquee player for the Brisbane Lions she will be unmissable: her height, her strength, and her trademark long braids that whip and whirl as she powers across the green. Sabrina Frederick-Traub is one of the new breed of heroes who will be born out of the NAB AFL Women’s Competition.
16. Slide
60 seconds
17. Slide
60 seconds
In your Folio
Form pairs and discuss the following questions, noting the key points of discussion: What are some things that you noticed about Sabrina’s identity? What did you see in the clip that could have shaped her identity?
18. Word cloud
60 seconds
Wordcloud: What are some key aspects of someone’s identity?
19. Slide
60 seconds
In Pairs Write in your Folio
In pairs: Pick one; explore and explain – how could the stereotypes surrounding this have an impact on a person’s mental health and identity? (E.g. impact of gender stereotypes)
20. Drawings
450 seconds
End of lesson reflection (5 minutes) A stereotype that could influence my own identity is... I could begin to change this by…

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