5.09 Unit Exam Review

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1. Open question
180 seconds
What have you done to prepare for the 5.09 unit exam?
2. Poll
30 seconds
Which of the units is used for calculating the distance between planets?
  • Astronomical units
  • Days
  • Kilometers per hour
3. Drawings
270 seconds
What is something you know from this chart?
4. Open question
330 seconds
Work with a neighbor and compare Galaxies, Solar System, Clusters, Universe and Planets.
5. Poll
30 seconds
Which term best describes a group of galaxies?
  • Cluster
  • Constellation
  • Solar System
  • Universe
6. Poll
20 seconds
Which type of galaxy has several billion stars arranged in arms spiraling outwards?
  • Elliptical Galaxy
  • Irregular Galaxy
  • Spiral Galaxy
7. Poll
30 seconds
What type of star is likely to be the coldest?
  • white-colored star
  • orange-colored star
  • red-colored star
8. Drawings
270 seconds
Which star is most likely to be blue and why?
9. Drawings
450 seconds
Partner Time: Describe the mass and surface temperature of dwarf stars.
10. Drawings
450 seconds
Where would a dwarf star be found on the HR diagram?
11. Drawings
450 seconds
Partner Time: Draw and describe the four inner layers of the sun.
12. Poll
30 seconds
Which feature of the sun extends into the corona and is anchored in the photosphere?
  • Core
  • Prominence
  • Solar flare
13. Poll
30 seconds
What term describes the distance between the crests of successive waves?
  • Frequency
  • Nanometer
  • Trough
  • Wavelength
14. Drawings
450 seconds
Partner Time: Explain which waves match their application.
15. Poll
30 seconds
How has the Hubble Space Telescope made outer space exploration easier?
  • High-gain antenna produces magnetic fields
  • Clear and accurate pictures
  • Mangetometer sends data back to Earth very fast

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