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AI as a tool, not a crutch.


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What is one word that you would use to describe AI?
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"Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally."
Learning objective:
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AI can make our lives easier, but it's not a replacement for basic skills. AI can help us solve problems, but it's important to understand the underlying concepts. AI can automate tasks, but it's important to be able to think critically and make decisions.
AI as a Tool, not a Crutch
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AI as a Tool: AI is a tool that can be used to automate tasks & processes, increase efficiency, and produce better results. It can be used to improve decision-making, understand customer needs, and create new products. AI as a Crutch: AI can be used as a crutch when humans rely too much on it for decision-making, instead of using their own judgement and critical thinking skills. This can lead to a decrease in creativity and problem-solving skills. AI as an Opportunity: AI can be used as an opportunity to learn new skills and develop creativity. It can help students develop valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills which can be applied to real-world scenarios.
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AI algorithms are often used to help create new music styles, and many popular songs have been written using AI. AI is used to detect and diagnose medical conditions, such as cancers and heart diseases. AI is used to detect and analyze changes in the environment such as air pollution, water contamination, and deforestation.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are some potential consequences of relying too heavily on AI tools for problem-solving and team collaboration in the classroom?
7. Personalised Feedback
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In what ways can artificial intelligence be used as a tool to enhance human capabilities, rather than as a crutch that replaces them?
8. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What benefits and drawbacks do you see in using AI as a tool to help solve problems?
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a group of bugs having a concert with broccoli and carrot musical instruments
10. Poll
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What does AI stand for?
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Investigation
  • Automated Interaction
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What is the main argument behind 'AI as a tool, not a crutch'?
  • Humans should rely only on AI and ignore their own intelligence
  • AI should be used to assist humans, not replace them entirely
  • AI can replace human intelligence completely
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What are some examples of areas where AI has been successfully integrated as a tool?
  • Healthcare, finance, customer service
  • Transportation, fashion design , journalism
  • Food industry, agriculture, sports management
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How can we ensure that AI remains a tool and does not become a crutch?
  • By relying solely on AI to make decisions without human input.
  • By creating ethical guidelines for its use and ensuring that humans remain in control.
  • By allowing AI to fully replace human labor across all industries.
14. Poll
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In what ways can we harness the power of AI while still maintaining our autonomy and intellectual independence?
  • By completely adopting machine learning models over human cognition.
  • By outsourcing all decision-making processes to machines.
  • By using it as an aid to supplement our own decision-making processes instead of letting it make decisions for us.

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