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Academic Assistance Available on College Campus


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What are you looking for help with?
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Tutoring services from professional staff and upper-class students available. Academic advisors assist with course selection, degree planning and more. Writing centers provide guidance on paper writing and citation formatting.
Academic Assistance Available on College Campus
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Tutoring: free or reduced-cost assistance with course-specific material and concepts provided by trained staff or student volunteers. Academic Advising: an individualized plan to help students succeed in college, focusing on academic course selection, major and career exploration and other college-specific services. Academic Support Programs: comprehensive services to help students succeed academically, such as study groups, technology training and library resources.
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Most college campuses have a service called 'course mentors' which are specialized tutors available to help students understand difficult concepts. Many college counselors offer one-on-one mental health services to help students with issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Many college campuses offer free online learning resources, such as online lectures and tutorials from leading professors and experts.
Did you know?
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How do you decide which academic assistance to use?
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How can academic assistance help you achieve your academic goals?
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How can you use the academic assistance available to you to get the most out of your college experience?
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Brain break: Draw a banana riding a bicycle with a big smile on its face
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Question: You just started college and you are having trouble staying on top of your course load. You want to make sure you get the most out of your education but you don't know how. What are some options to get academic assistance on college campus? Clues: • Check if your college offers free tutoring or study groups. • Look for academic help centers that can provide advice and resources. • Attend office hours of your professors for extra help. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work with a partner to generate a list of academic assistance options available on college campus. B. Draw a poster to explain one of the options from the list.
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What is the name of the department on college campuses that offers academic assistance?
  • Academic Support Services
  • Student Affairs
  • Career Services
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What types of services are typically offered by Academic Support Services?
  • Tutoring, study skills workshops and academic coaching
  • Internship placement, job search assistance and career counseling
  • Financial aid advice, scholarship information and student loan management
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Who can benefit from using Academic Support Services?
  • All students, regardless of their academic ability
  • Only students who are struggling academically
  • Students who have a learning disability
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What should you bring with you when meeting with an academic coach?
  • Your course syllabus
  • Your textbooks or course materials
  • Your laptop or tablet for note-taking
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Is there usually a cost associated with using Academic Support Services?
  • No, these services are typically free to all enrolled students.
  • Yes, there is usually a fee for tutoring sessions.
  • It depends on the college or university's policies.
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What resources are available on your college campus to help you succeed academically?

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