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Advertising techniques


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1. Drawings
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Checkin: Draw/write - What was the highlight of your weekend?
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What is the purpose of advertising?
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Advertising Techniques
Advertisers use techniques to grab people's attention and influence their decisions. Common techniques include slogans, celebrity endorsements, and visuals. These techniques help companies get their message out to the public.
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Advertising - The act of promoting or publicizing a product, service, or event in order to attract customers or clients. Target Audience - The particular group of people at which an advertisement is directed. Strategic Advertising - A type of advertising that uses a combination of techniques, such as visuals, sound, and text, to influence the target audience and create a lasting impression.
5. Open question
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What are some of the different types of advertising techniques?
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Advertising Technique(s)
Advertising Technique(s) Warm & Fuzzy Scientific Evidence Charisma Celebrities Fear Experts Humour Simple Solution Nostalgia Intensity Explicit Claims Testimonials
7. Poll
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What is the most effective way to advertise a product?
  • By using social media
  • By using TV commercials
  • By using radio ads
  • By using newspaper ads
  • By word of mouth
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Did you know?
Advertisers often use colors to influence consumers' emotions and associations with their brands. Some companies hire neuromarketers to study the brain's reactions to different ads. There have been instances of advertisers using subliminal messages in their ads to influence customers without them knowing it.
9. Open question
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How do companies decide which techniques to use?
10. Open question
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What do you think is the most effective advertising technique and why?

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