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Benchmark Part 2



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Benchmark Part 2: Name at least 1 topic that we covered yesterday.
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U.S forced Native Americans from their homes to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Government wanted their land and natural resources Indian Removal Act passed in 1831. The process took about 8 years Indians did not want to move, but felt they had no choice.
Relocation of American Indians: Indian Removal Act
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What was a major reason for the federal government's involvement in relocating Native Americans?
  • To persuade American Indians to become farmers
  • To gain access to important rivers
  • To punish American Indians who were allies of the British
  • To acquire valuable agricultural land and natural resources
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Andrew Jackson won the most votes in the Electoral College, but did not have a majority 12th Amendment elected John Quincy Adams to presidency Jackson's supporters thought that Adams's election was corrupt This election had a big impact on the 1828 election: higher voter turnout than ever before
Presidential Election of 1824
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a change that was made to the U.S. Constitution that put the Electoral College in charge of electing the president and vice president. The Electoral College is a group of people that represent each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. Their job is to formally cast votes for the president and vice president. Each state has a set number of electoral votes based on how many people live in the state. For example, a lot of people live in California, so that state has 55 electoral votes. There aren't as many people living in Wyoming, so that state only has 3 electoral votes.
What even is the 12th Amendment?
6. Poll
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What was one effect that the 1824 election had on the following election in 1828?
  • votes were cast by secret ballot
  • property qualifications for voting were strengthened
  • poll taxes were reduced
  • voter participation increased
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South Carolina did not want to pay taxes to the federal government null: cancel or make invalid Tariff of 1828, a high tax mainly on imported manufactured goods They believed the tariff would aid the manufacturing industries in the North at the expense of the Southern economy South Carolina threatened to secede, or leave, if the taxes were collected
Nullification Crisis
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"We [New Englanders] look upon the states, not as separated, but as united. We love to dwell on that union, and on the mutual happiness which it has so much promoted. . . . In our contemplation, Carolina and Ohio are parts of the same country. . . . We do not impose geographical limits to our patriotic feeling or regard. . . . —Senator Daniel Webster, reply to Senator Robert Hayne, January 1830
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What was that quote in regards to?
  • inability of citizens to elect Supreme Court justices
  • attempted nullifications of a federal law by a state
  • proposal to revise the amendment process of the U.S constitution
  • federal seizure of private land for transportation network
10. Drawings
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Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation.
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What type of government was trying to be avoided in the United States? (hint: means "one ruler"
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Andrew Jackson
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The portrayal of President Andrew Jackson reflects the opinion of some of his opponents that the...
  • president had become too powerful
  • British had too much influence over the President
  • president was too sympathetic to the common man
  • spoils system had failed to improve the government
14. Drawings
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Draw a penguin that is a pirate.

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