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Book Clubs Are for Everyone!


Curipod generated lesson: "Argumentative Text ". #1-4

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In paragraph 4, the prefix un- in the word unknown helps the reader understand the meaning of the word unknown .
  • A. known again
  • B. known by many
  • C. not Known
  • D. wrongly known
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Which audience is the author addressing in this section?
  • A. Students
  • B. Parents
  • C. Teachers
  • D. Librarians
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Based on the information in paragraphs 1 through 4, what can the reader conclude about the students who join the book club?
  • A. The students want to start a new book club.
  • B. The students belong to several book clubs.
  • C. The students develop good reading habits.
  • D. The students read more than their parents.
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Look at these photographs. What is the most likely reason the author includes these photographs in this selection?
  • To explain a topic
  • To persuade the reader
  • To entertain the reader
  • To provide background information
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What sentence supports the idea that joining a book club could help someone make friends?
  • A. "today more young people are forming their own book clubs"
  • B. "In many book clubs, each member takes a turn selecting the book"
  • C. "In many ways book clubs allow their members to think about new ideas"
  • D. "By spending time with them at book-club meetings , you will get to know all the members better."
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What opinion does the author include to explain why some students avoid book clubs?
  • A. "Members read the same book."
  • B. "It also helps you understand their meanings."
  • C. "After all the reading you do in school, you may think you don't want to join a book club."
  • "Being in a book club allows members to share their thoughts and consider the views of others."
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Which sentence best explains why members of a book club are likely to read a whole book?
  • A. "Reading helps you learn to say new words"
  • B. "The desire to be prepared will encourage you to finish reading."
  • C. "You might already know some members in your book club."
  • D. "All you need are some other members and a place to meet."

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