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Book Tasting & You
2. Open question
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How do you usually pick out books in the library?
3. Open question
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Brainstorm with a Neighbor: Have you ever not finished a book or turned it in before you've even started reading it? What are some reasons why?
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a fun way to explore different genres, authors, and topics. like a buffet for books! Check out the cover and summary on the back (and/or front book flap if hardbound). Sample a few pages and see which book you like best. Notice which genre you seem to come back to a lot. a strategy that helps you narrow and speed up your search for books. Once you've found books you're interested in, t
A Book Tasting is...
5. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a unicorn holding a pizza and wearing roller skates.
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Follow this link to our Book Tasting Padlet. Choose a book from your table and complete a Book Tasting Stack following the question prompts in the padlet. Do another book if you have time! If you find a book you'd like to check out, take it with you during checkout time!
Let’s Try it Out
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How can I use this activity to select books during checkout next time?
  • I can pick 2 or 3 books from different areas of the library and do a quick tasting.
  • If I have 2 books that I’m deciding between, I can do a quick tasting to choose.
  • I can use it to try reading a new genre
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What was your favorite part of the book tasting activity and why?
  • I liked learning a new way to pick books. It was helpful.
  • I already pick books like this so it wasn't new. I may use it more now.
  • I liked looking at the books at my table and using Padlet to share my book.

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