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Buddhism as a Guide to the Utilization of Science and Technology


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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
Berapa banyak prinsip yang harus diikuti oleh seorang pengikut Buddha? (Jawab hanya dengan beberapa kata)
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"Pelajar mampu menganalisis dan merespons ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi di era Revolusi Industri 4.0 berdasarkan nilai-nilai agama Buddha dan Pancasila"
Learning objective:
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Buddhism has inspired many technological advancements throughout history. From paper to printing presses, Buddhist technology has changed the world. Buddhist technology is still being developed and used in modern times.
The Pride of Buddhist Technology
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Zen Garden: A Japanese rock garden designed for contemplation and meditation. Biomimicry: A design approach that seeks to imitate natural forms and processes for sustainable living. Sutta Pitaka: One of the three major divisions of the Pali Canon, containing the discourses of the Buddha.
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In Japan, when a Zen garden was made with an artificial pond, it was called “Gardens of Clearness and Tranquility”. Biomimicry has been used to develop robots that mimic human movements and even plants that can create electricity. The Sutta Pitaka contains more than 10,000 discourses attributed to the Buddha himself.
Fun facts:
6. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: Apakah teknologi yang dapat membantu Anda untuk meningkatkan kesadaran spiritual Anda mengenai agama Buddha?
7. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: Apakah nilai-nilai agama Buddha dan Pancasila yang dapat kamu lihat dari teknologi kebanggaanku? Bagaimana kamu merespons teknologi tersebut berdasarkan nilai-nilai tersebut di era Revolusi Industri 4.0?
8. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Create a 3-D drawing of a cityscape out of everyday objects like paperclips, paper, rubber bands, and string. The drawing should include buildings, roads, and other city features. Students must use only the supplies provided and must be creative in their design.
9. Poll
300 seconds
Apa yang merupakan teknologi kebanggaanku agama Buddha?
  • A. Ajaran Buddha
  • B. Meditasi
  • C. Doa
  • D. Semua jawaban di atas
10. Poll
300 seconds
Apa yang dilakukan oleh orang yang menganut agama Buddha?
  • A. Menyembah Dewa
  • B. Beribadah Setiap Hari
  • C. Menjalani Hidup Menurut Ajaran Buddha
  • D. Semua jawaban di atas
11. Poll
300 seconds
Apa yang diharapkan oleh agama Buddha?
  • A. Kesucian
  • B. Kebahagiaan
  • C. Kedamaian
  • D. Semua jawaban di atas
12. Poll
300 seconds
Apa yang menjadi tujuan akhir dari agama Buddha?
  • A. Moksa
  • B. Kenikmatan Abadi
  • C. Kesempatan Beribadah
  • D. Semua jawaban di atas
13. Poll
300 seconds
Apa yang menjadi teknologi kebanggaan dari agama Buddha?
  • A. Teknologi Meditasi
  • B. Teknologi Pendidikan
  • C. Teknologi Keluarga
  • D. Semua jawaban di atas

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