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Building Class Community


Curipod lesson about topic "Building Class Community". #5-7

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1. Word cloud
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In one word, what is the most important part of building class community?
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Building Class Community
Create a safe and supportive environment in the classroom Encourage collaboration among students Develop strategies to celebrate diversity
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safe and supportive environment: A learning space that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying, where students feel safe to take risks and express their ideas. collaboration: Working together with others to achieve a common goal or purpose. celebrate diversity: Acknowledging and appreciating the unique characteristics of each student in the classroom.
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Fun facts:
Classroom communities are key for developing relationships between students. The benefits of having a strong classroom community can last long after the school year ends. Creating a classroom community encourages students to take ownership of their learning.
5. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is one concrete action you can take to build class community this week?
6. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Create a drawing of a character from outer space that uses only geometric shapes. The character should have at least five body parts and must be colored in a rainbow pattern.
7. Poll
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What is an effective way to build class community?
  • A. Share stories and experiences
  • B. Play team building games
  • C. Give out rewards for participation
  • D. All of the above
8. Poll
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Which of the following is NOT a way to create a positive atmosphere?
  • A. Encourage respectful interactions
  • B. Allow students to call out each other
  • C. Speaking over teachers directions or instruction
  • D. Make fun of students who have incorrect answers
9. Poll
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What type behaviors or choices can help build class community?
  • A. Using Strategies and Tools to remain regulated
  • B. Disrupting the lesson
  • C. Helping to keep the group on task
  • D. Doing your part in classroom expectations
10. Poll
300 seconds
What is the most important factor in building class community?
  • A. Open communication
  • B. Establishing rules and regulations
  • C. Scheduling regular check ins with the group
  • D. Creating an environment of respect

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