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Chapter 1 of Gathering Blue


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Born in 1937 in Honolulu, HI Moved to Pennsylvania before 1941 Loved reading, very bright Graduated High School when she was 16 Married before graduating college After raising three children she went to college and graduate school Received the Newberry Award for Number the Stars and The Giver
Biography of Lois Lowery
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What kinds of catastrophes, natural or man-made, could have brought about the destruction of an entire civilization, sending it back to a primitive state like that of Gathering Blue?
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Kira waits for her mother's spirit to leave her body in the Field of Leaving. Kira is an orphan. Her father went missing on a hunt when she was an infant. Kira's mother refused to sacrifice her as an infant. The villagers view Kira with suspicion.
Summery of Chapter 1
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What topics are explored in Chapter 1 of Gathering Blue
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5. Kira's home is burned as is the custom when a person dies of disease. 6. Kira walks back home, determined to rebuild. 7. Matt meets Kira and warns her of a plan to run her out of the village.
Summary of Chapter 1
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In what ways is the funeral ceremony at the beginning of the chapter alike or different from those we know.
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Kira finds most of her possessions destroyed. The garden is intact. A woman steals carrots before Kira runs her off. Kira eats from the garden. Vandara tells Kira she is not welcome.
Summary of Chapter
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Draw your favorite scene from the book so far.
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4. Other women join Vandara and attempt to drive Kira off with rocks. 5. Kira demands a hearing before the council and the others agree.
Summary of Chapter 2
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Choose a Character trait that defines Kira. Include the quote and the page number.
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A messenger takes Kira to the Council of Guardians which is housed in the Edifice. Kira is brought before the 12 men and performs parts of the ceremony. The council approves. Vandara tells how useless Kira is. The council cuts her off and offers one of their members to speak for Kira. Kira accepts.
Chapter 3 Summary
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Should Kira have spoken for herself?
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