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Class Norms

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Class Norms
To be successful in this class I need to: Work hard Use respectful words Have eye contact Communicate Have Teamwork and Be a nice person
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Time out / signed reflection form Call home Afterschool detention
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He visto tan cercas tus colores. I have seen your colors so close. El verde de Esperanza The Hope in your green El Blanco de Pureza The Purity of your white y El Rojo de la sangre de nuestros héroes And the red that is the blood from our heroes Bandera de cerca he visto tus colores Flag from so close I have seen your colors. Mi ciudad natal donde he nacido, donde la luz he conocido My hometown where I was born where I have met the light. En estas tierras es evidente In these lands it is evident Que los sueños se mantienen con vida That dreams are kept alive.
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Whole group reading
re-read the article "Automation doesn't just create or destroy jobs- It transforms them."
5. Personalised Feedback
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What do you think automation means and how do you think it affects the way we live and work?
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Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks without human intervention. Some examples include self-driving cars, robots in factories, and chatbots on websites. While automation can lead to job loss in some industries, it also creates new opportunities and frees up time for more creative pursuits.
7. Word cloud
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In your own words, how would you describe automation in the workplace? (Answer with only a few words)
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The Pros and Cons of Automation in the Workplace
Pros: Automation can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce errors, and improve safety. Cons: Automation can lead to job losses and reduce human creativity. It's important to consider both sides of the debate when discussing automation.
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Automation: The use of technology and machines to do tasks that were previously done by humans Robotics: The science of designing and building machines that can think and act like humans Artificial Intelligence (AI): A branch of computer science that studies how computers can be made to think and act like humans
10. Poll
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Do you think automation is good or bad in the work place?
  • Good - it increases efficiency and productivity
  • Bad - it takes away jobs from humans
  • Neutral - it depends on the context
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What are the pros of automation in the work place?
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What are the cons of automation in the workplace?
13. Open question
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What are some examples of automation in the work place?
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Did you know?
Automation can help workers learn new skills because it can free up their time from boring/tedious tasks. Automation can help reduce human error and can be faster than a human worker. Automation is often used to help increase safety in the workplace by reducing the need for humans to do dangerous tasks.
15. Personalised Feedback
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What are some potential benefits of implementing automation technology in the workplace?
16. Personalised Feedback
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What are some potential drawbacks of implementing automation technology in the workplace?
17. Personalised Feedback
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Find 2 pieces of evidence from the text that supports the fact that: Automation helps increase/decrease jobs. Use the sentence stems. According to the article (Title)__________________________________________________________________. I know this because in the text (title) it says ______________________________________________________.

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