Class rules


Good class rules are an important foundation for a good classroom environment and learning environme

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1. Bullets
60 seconds
Class rules
  • In this activity, your students themselves must work on why class rules are important and create drafts of their own class rules.
  • First, students must work on why class rules are needed and whether they agree with this. This can be a great starting point for discussion.
  • Your students must then write a little about what is important for them to feel good in the classroom.
  • Finally, all students must come up with two proposals for class rules, and the class can vote for the rules they agree with the most.
  • You can use the results as inspiration when creating the class rules.
2. Title & media
60 seconds
Class rules
3. Open question
180 seconds
Q: Why do we have class rules?
4. Poll
20 seconds
Q: Do you think we need class rules?
  • Yes😊
  • No😅 everything is great
  • What are class rules?🤯
5. Open question
240 seconds
Q: What's important for you to feel safe and confident in class?
6. Open question
270 seconds
Q: Make two proposals for class rules

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