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Classroom Rules and Expectations


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In one word, describe how you should behave in the classroom?
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Classroom Rules and Expectations for 3rd Graders
Respect the teacher and other students. Speak in a polite manner and raise your hand to ask or answer a question. Come to class on time and be prepared with your materials. Stay focused and try your best. Follow directions and behave safely. Keep our classroom clean and tidy.
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Respect: Treating others kindly and with consideration. Participation: Being an active and engaged learner. Focus: Staying on task and avoiding distractions.
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What are the most important classroom rules and expectations?
  • Be on time and prepared
  • Raise your hand before speaking
  • Listen to the teacher and follow directions
  • Respect others and their belongings
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Did you know?
Classroom rules can be different in every school and even between teachers. Classroom rules have been around since the ancient Greeks. In some countries, students can create their own classroom rules.
6. Open question
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What are some examples of disruptive behaviors in the classroom?
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What strategies can you use to avoid disruptive behaviors in the classroom?
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How can disruptive behaviors in the classroom negatively impact your learning?
9. Open question
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What would be the positive consequences of practicing strategies to avoid disruptive behaviors in the classroom?

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