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In a few words, what do you think is the most important classroom rule?
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Be respectful to Respect Technology and Materials: Treat all computers, equipment, and materials with care and respect. Avoid tampering with or damaging any technological tools or devices. Arrive to class on time and prepared. (Have Laptop charged and ready) Stay seated and engaged. (If you group up around friends you may be moved. Don't be disruptive to the class. Cellphone use only for when assignments are completed - Ask before using Leave my desk and the things on it alone - It is not your stuff! No Food or Drinks in class
Classroom Rules for Mr. Brand's Class
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Respect: Showing courtesy and regard for others. Raise your hand!! Participation: Engaging in class activities, discussions, and assignments. Attendance: Being present and on time for class and meetings.
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The classroom rule known as 'inside voices' comes from the Latin phrase 'Vox Clamantis Intra'. It means 'the voice of a crying person within'. In some countries, including the United Kingdom, it is illegal to talk in class unless given permission by the teacher. In some schools, students are required to stand when they are speaking to the class.
Did you know?
5. Open question
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How do we create a respectful learning environment in the classroom?
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What are some strategies for managing distractions in the classroom?
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What should I do to ensure a positive learning environment?
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How do the classroom rules help me to learn more effectively?
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Brain break: Draw a smelly shoe monster with googly eyes and a sneaky grin
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Question: What are some classroom rules that would be beneficial to all students? Clues: • Think about the classroom environment and how to make it conducive to learning. • Consider how the rules will be enforced and the consequences if they’re not followed. • Consider the impact the rules will have on the overall classroom culture. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work in pairs to come up with 5 classroom rules. B. Discuss the rules as a class.
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Which of the following is an important classroom rule?
  • Raise your hand before speaking
  • Run and shout in the classroom
  • Ignore your teacher's instructions
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Why is it important to follow classroom rules?
  • To create a safe and respectful learning environment
  • To make the teacher happy
  • To waste time
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What should you do if you need to use the restroom during class?
  • Ask for permission from your teacher
  • Hold it until class ends
  • Just leave without asking
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What is one way to show respect in the classroom?
  • Listen attentively when others are speaking
  • Constantly talk back to the teacher
  • Interrupt others while they talk
15. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is one way you can demonstrate respect for your peers and teachers while in the classroom? Will Discuss in Class
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How can you contribute positively to a collaborative group activity in class?
  • Keep all your ideas to yourself
  • Distract classmates and prevent them from working
  • Participate actively and share ideas with others
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Rules & Guidelines Are Subject to Change!

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