Classroom environment


A good classroom environment is something that must be worked on continuously throughout the school

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Activities to work on improving the classroom environment
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  • This is a great activity to hear what the class already knows about the classroom environment
  • First, the students get 2 minutes to write what they know about the classroom environment
  • Then they can vote on the best suggestions from other fellow students
  • Then you can see what the class collectively knows about the classroom environment
3. Open question
240 seconds
Describe what a classroom environment is
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  • Drawing is a great way to express yourself
  • First, all the students draw what they think is a good classroom environment
  • The students' drawings can be used for a conversation about a good classroom environment
5. Drawings
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Draw a good classroom environment
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  • The students are given 2 minutes to come up with ideas on how they can make the classroom environment better for others
  • Then you can have a class discussion about all the ideas
7. Open question
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What can you do to make someone in your class have a better day?
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  • After everyone has come up with ideas for what they can do themselves, they can create ideas for what the class can do together
  • Students are given 2 minutes to come up with suggestions
  • Then they can vote on suggestions from fellow students that they also like
  • You can then have a class discussion around the ideas
9. Open question
240 seconds
How can we get a better classroom environment?

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