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Sometimes it's fun to work with material in new ways and to have a break in the teaching. In this fu

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Good morning class 8b. How are you today?
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Good morning class 8b
Find a new partner and change your seat. If your were seated outside, sit inside. If you sat inside, you should now sit outside. If you were at the back, sit in the front and vice versa. 😄
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spoiler alert
new teachers Friday 3rd of March: project day Monday 6th of March: Open house (projects will be presented to parents etc) 16 o'clock
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to do list for today
check homework (WB p. 26/1+27/2) new grammar new vocab new text super bowl and champions league homework
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Warm-up: Memes
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Complete the Meme
You have 3 minutes to fill in text on the image Then we will vote on the funniest meme
  • All students get 5 minutes to fill in text on the image
  • Students can then vote for the funniest meme that best sums up the week
  • It can be a good idea to use the moderator function so you can see the pictures before the students see each other's pictures
7. Drawings
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Make your own meme related to this week

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