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Name one type of plant or animal?


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Name one type of plant or animal?
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Animals and plants depend on each other to survive. Animals eat plants, and plants help animals breathe. We can learn more about the environment by studying plants and animals.
Plants and Animals: A Closer Look
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plant: A living organism that uses photosynthesis to make its own food. animal: A living organism that needs to eat other organisms to survive. ecosystem: A system of living things and their environment, interacting with each other.
4. Poll
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What is your favorite plant or animal?
  • A butterfly
  • A rose
  • A tiger
  • A banana tree
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Some animals, like koalas, only eat one type of plant! Plants usually need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make food. Some animals, like the vampire bat, only drink the blood of other animals for sustenance.
Fun facts:
6. Drawings
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Draw / write: What structural characteristics do animals and plants have that help them survive in their environment?
7. Drawings
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Draw / write: What traits do plants and animals have that allow them to grow and reproduce?
8. Open question
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What other characteristics and traits do you think help plants and animals survive, grow, and reproduce?
9. Open question
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How do the structural characteristics and traits of plants and animals help them interact with their environment?

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