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What is division?


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What is division?
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Division is a mathematical operation used to 'divide' a number into parts or groups. It is the opposite of multiplication. It is used to find out how many times one number will go into another.
Division: The Basics
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Divisor: The number you are dividing by. Dividend: The number you are dividing. Quotient: The answer to the division problem.
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What is your favorite way to divide a circle into equal parts?
  • Using a protractor
  • Drawing lines from the center of the circle to the edge
  • Drawing two diameter lines
  • Dividing it into eight equal parts by drawing one line and then drawing four more lines at 90 degrees to the first one
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Division is one of the four basic operations in mathematics. Division is closely related to fractions. The symbol for division is ÷, which looks like a fraction line.
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: What are some ways that division can be used in everyday life?
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Draw / write: What strategies can you use to solve a division problem?
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Think about a time when you used division. What was the outcome?
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What did you learn about division from this experience?

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