Damon and Pythias



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1. Open question
330 seconds
Identify how the narrator reveals important details about the plot. Explain how these details help you understand the characters.
2. Open question
450 seconds
Highlight evidence in the dialogue that helps you understand who Damon, Pythias, and the king are, and what they want. Explain what you learn about each character.
3. Open question
330 seconds
Identify evidence of the challenges Damon and Pythias face in the plot. Explain what the evidence suggests about a possible theme.
4. Open question
330 seconds
Highlight evidence of how the king changes over the course of the play. Explain what this change suggests about a possible secondary theme.
5. Open question
330 seconds
Think about the storyline and what it is trying to convey. Then identify evidence in the play that helps you answer the following question: What does the resolution suggest about life in general? Provide an answer based on the evidence.

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