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Descriptive language uses vivid words to help readers envision the scene or object being described. It can employ metaphors, similes and other figures of speech to create a more vivid image in the reader’s mind. Using descriptive language in writing can help make the text more interesting and engaging to the reader.
Descriptive Language for 9th Grade Students
2. Open question
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Where is your favorite place? Describe it in detail.
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Improves your communication skills by increasing your vocabulary and understanding of grammar. Stimulates your imagination and creativity, allowing you to explore new ideas. Can help reduce stress, improve your focus, and increase your knowledge on a variety of topics.
BTW! The Benefits of Reading
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Which subject do 9th graders find the most interesting?
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The oldest known example of a written language was discovered in a cave in Turkey and is estimated to be over 8,000 years old. The first known novel is ‘The Tale of Genji’ by Lady Murasaki, written in Japan in the early 11th century. The oldest known surviving piece of literature is the Epic of Gilgamesh, which dates back to around 2100 BC.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What tone and mood do you think the author is trying to create in your story?
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How would the story be different if the author had used different words to describe the characters and settings?
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What are the effects of the author's choice of descriptive details in the story?
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How did the author's choice of words help to create the tone and mood of the story?
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Question: Write a descriptive sentence about a person you know. Clues: • Think about their physical appearance, character traits, and personality. • Focus on the details that make them unique. • Include at least one adjective in the sentence. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work in pairs to brainstorm adjectives that describe the person. B. Explain your solution through a drawing.
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12. Drawings
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Draw your person in detail and write a few descriptive words.

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