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Earthquake Resistant Buildings


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What do we call buildings that can withstand earthquakes?
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Earthquake resistant buildings are designed to withstand seismic movement. They are built to minimize structural damage and provide safe places to take cover. Special materials and construction techniques are used to make these structures more resilient.
Earthquake Resistant Buildings
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Base Isolation: Base Isolation is a technique used in the construction of buildings to protect them from damage during earthquakes by isolating a building from the ground and preventing the vibrations from reaching the structure. Cross Bracing: Cross bracing is a structural support system used in the construction of buildings to increase their strength and stability, particularly during an earthquake. Energy Dissipation Systems: Energy dissipation systems are devices used in the construction of buildings to absorb the energy of an earthquake, reducing the damage to the structure.
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Earthquake resistant buildings are designed to sway during an earthquake, which allows them to absorb the energy from the earthquake and remain standing. Earthquake resistant buildings are built with base isolators, which are made from rubber and steel and help protect the building from the ground movement. Earthquake resistant buildings are made up of seismic frames, which are designed to shift and bend in order to absorb the energy of an earthquake and help keep the building standing. Materials such as steel and concrete can help buildings withstand earthquakes.
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Which of the following is a way to make a building earthquake resistant?
  • A. Reinforce the walls with steel
  • B. Add extra support to the foundation
  • C. Hang plants from the ceiling
  • D. Place furniture on the walls
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What is a common earthquake resistant material?
  • A. Steel
  • B. Glass
  • C. Wood
  • D. Plastic
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What is the purpose of an earthquake warning system?
  • A. To predict when an earthquake will occur
  • B. To alert people of an impending earthquake
  • C. To measure the strength of an earthquake
  • D. To determine the epicenter of an earthquake
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What is the best way to respond during an earthquake?
  • A. Hide under a desk
  • B. Exit the building
  • C. Stand in a doorway
  • D. Run outside
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What is the most important factor when designing an earthquake resistant building?
  • A. Cost
  • B. Location
  • C. Size
  • D. Construction materials

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