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Feb. 13-17

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Happy Half-Day Monday!!!
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How are you feeling this morning?
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Field day is this Friday!! What are some activities/sports you are excited about?
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Field Day
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Monday - Jersey Day Tuesday - Real or Naught (off-brands vs. real brands) Wednesday - Sports Stereotype Thursday - Sports Essential (Bring something that correlates with your sport Friday - KHS Colors
Spirit Week🤩
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Pupil Transportation Week
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Monday - Decorate School Fence Tuesday - Show them love on Social Media Wednesday - Thank them! Write them a card Thursday - Welcome them as they Drive in Friday - Hi-5 your Driver as you Enter/Exit
Spirit Week
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Thank you for completing the evaluation for your teachers, myself included I appreciate all the feedback you gave me. I'm still working on improving MANY things so your feedback is so important to me!!!
Teacher Evals.
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An opportunity to tell/ask me anything School related (I really liked today's lesson, we should do more activities like that. I hated today's lesson. I need to meet with you regarding my grade. etc.) Personal (I need advice, I need help with something, I am uncomfortable with my group members, I need to vent, etc.) I am here for YOU. It can stay anonymous but if you want to speak to me one-on-one, then include your name.
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