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Gender equality and feminism


Curipod generated lesson: "Gender equality and feminism". #8-10

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Gender equality and feminism
2. Open question
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What comes to mind when you hear the expressions feminism and gender equality?
3. Word cloud
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In one word, explain what feminism means to you?
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What is Feminism?
  • A movement for gender equality
  • An anti-male movement
  • An effort to gain power over men
  • An effort to gain power over women
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Gender Equality: The state of equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of gender. Feminism: A social and political movement that advocates for the rights and equality of all people, regardless of their gender. Patriarchy: A social system in which power is held by and passed down through men.
7. Open question
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What problems related to girls and women does she name in her speech?
8. Open question
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What problems related to boys and men does she name in her speech?
9. Open question
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Question: What are some practical steps that 8th grade students can take to promote gender equality and feminism? Clues: • Think of ways you can make a difference in your school, workplace, or community. • Be aware of the language you use and the stereotypes you may be perpetuating. • Find out what resources are available to you and how you can help. In pairs: A. Come up with 3 ideas for how 8th grade students can promote gender equality and feminism.
10. Open question
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In what ways do you think gender equality is important for our society?
11. Open question
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What do you think are some of the biggest challenges the world faces when it comes to gender equality?
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What is the goal of Feminism?
  • To achieve gender equality
  • To achieve female superiority
  • To achieve male superiority
  • To achieve female domination
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In 1869, the first gender equality legislation was passed in the U.S. which stated that women had the same rights as men in regards to owning and inheriting property. The first feminist magazine was founded in 1690 by Marie Le Jars de Gournay. In 2009, Iceland became the first country in the world to legally require employers to prove that they are paying men and women equally for the same job.
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