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DNA is "read" from 3' to 5' end DNA and RNA are both written from 5' to 3' end Strands of nucleic acids run "anti-parallel" to each other
5' and 3' ends of DNA and RNA
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If I have a DNA strand that consisted of the bases 3'-ATGGCTACT-5', what would the complementary RNA strand look like? Include the 5' and 3' ends.
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LiveLesson 2/10/23
Genetic Mutations
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What is a mutation?
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Discuss causes, effects, and examples of point mutations
Learning Objectives:
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A point mutation occurs when a single nucleotide base in the genetic code is changed during DNA replication or transcription; results from substitution mutations Silent: a nucleotide changes, but the amino acid remains the same Missense: a nucleotide changes and so does the amino acid Nonsense: a nucleotide change results in a premature stop codon
Point Mutations
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Frameshift: insertion or deletion of a single nucleotide changes the "reading frame" of the DNA/mRNA
Point Mutations
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How are alleles and mutations related?
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Missense mutation: Nonsense mutation:
Real-World Examples
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Quick search: Find and share an example of a disorder caused by a frameshift mutation

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