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Gilded Age

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Today's homework is about the Gilded Age. Enter three words that describe the Gilded Age.
3. Drawings
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Draw a shape that best symbolizes a political machine.
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a group that controlled political party in a city the city boss controlled the machine worked to povide cities with services so they could remain in control helped immigrants with problems so they would support the machine
Political Machines
5. Open question
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Give an example of graft:
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Patronage: good or bad or both
  • good
  • bad
  • both
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civil service = government administration or jobs patronage = giving government jobs to political supporters even if they are unqualified reformers want to adopt a
Civil Service Reform
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authorized a civil service test to award jobs to qualified candidates two consequences: 1. more qualified people in government jobs 2. politicians couldn't ask for contributions so government workers could keep their jobs. They needed to get contributions from other sources.
Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883
9. Poll
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Where will politicians look for more campaign contributions?
  • farmers
  • rich business owners
  • common people
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politicians turn to wealthy business owners for campaign contributions alliance between goverment and big business becomes strong companies want the government to pass high tariffs to protect their businesses tariffs move towards their highest levels
Business Buys Influence

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