Good education - Sustainable Development Goal 4

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Goal: Students must understand UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Good education, and be able to reflect on how they can contribute to us achieving the goal. In the first part of the activity, students must decide what they think good education is. Perhaps this can be the starting point for a good conversation about how teaching takes place at your school. Your students must then decide whether they have good education in their school's country, and what characterizes their education. This is a good starting point for discussion about what is meant by good education. Finally, students must guess the UN's targets for good education. This is a great way to start a discussion about what your students think is important vs. what the UN has set as targets. Here your students also get to come up with ideas on how they can contribute to achieving sustainable development goal 4 - Good education. #sustainability #5-7 #8-10 #11-13

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