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1. Word cloud
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In a few words, can you describe your experience with Google Forms?
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We will create original products using a variety of resources. We will use font attributes, color, white space, and graphics to ensure that products are appropriate for multiple communication media, including monitor display, web, and print
Learning objective:
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Create online forms quickly with Google Forms Share your forms easily with other people Collect responses in real time View data in an easy to analyze format
Google Forms: Easy to Use and Fun!
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Google Forms are available to anyone with a Google account for free. The data from a Google Form can be used to create charts and graphs. You can add images, videos, and other interactive elements to your forms.
Fun facts:
5. Open question
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Turn & Talk with your shoulder partner: What are some other ways that you can use a Google Form?
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Surveys Event Registration Contact Forms Job Applications Feedback Forms Quiz or Exam Data Collection Sign-up Forms
Here are some other ways to use a Google Form:
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8. Poll
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What are Google Forms?
  • A search engine
  • A survey and quiz tool
  • An email service
  • A spreadsheet program
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What can you do with Google Forms?
  • Create a survey
  • Upload photos
  • Write a story
  • Make a presentation
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What type of questions can you ask in a Google Form?
  • True or false questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Essay questions
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How do you send a Google Form?
  • By mail
  • In a text message
  • Via email
  • Through a website
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How do you view the results of a Google Form?
  • Through a graph
  • In a spreadsheet
  • On a website
  • In a chart

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