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Hook: What makes a good speech?


Curipod generated lesson: "What makes a good speech?". #8-10

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1. Open question
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What should a good speech have, and what should it do to a crowd of people?
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A copy of the speech we are looking at: Access the Class Notebook via Onenote on your iPads. Go into our class teams and click 'Class Notebook' to get here. Under your 'Handouts' section is a copy of the speech. If you do not have your iPad, get a speech and a highlighter from the front. 📴 😃
What you need for today's lesson:
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Silent film entertainer Very famous comedian The Great Dictator The speech is a message to all humanity.
Charlie Chaplin
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Highlight any of the AFOREST persuasive techniques we have been learning about in class. I will play the speech twice to make sure you get all the different techniques - some may only be obvious through Chaplin's speech!
Using your copies of the speech...
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