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1. Open question
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How are you feeling today?
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We will... continue to explore and learn our Unit 2A Vocabulary I will... Be able to use unit 2A vocabulary in context
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What does the word Antagonist mean?
  • the character who opposes the protagonist or the goals of the protagonist
  • the reason an author includes particular details, features, or devices in a work
  • The highest point in the plot where the problem/conflict reaches its peak 3
  • the intended target group for a message, regardless of the medium
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What do the words Figurative Language mean?
  • language not intended to be taken literally
  • a brief interruption in the plot that describes an earlier event or time
  • correcting mechanics, grammar, and spelling
  • the type or class of a work, usually categorized by form, technique, or content
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What does the word Protagonist mean?
  • a specific subject, idea, or issue that is the focus of a discussion, essay, article, or other work
  • the author’s particular attitude, either stated or implied in the writing
  • changes are made to improve the focus, content, organization, sentence structure, and word choice
  • the main character in a narrative who is at the center of the story
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Complete the worksheet with your tables
7. Open question
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Exit ticket: Choose TWO of the following words from the word bank and use them in a sentence. Word Bank Author’s Purpose Characterization Context Editing Falling Action Climax Figurative Language Metaphor Protagonist Resolution Revising Setting Topic Voice
8. Drawings
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Draw a pizza with legs and arms doing a dance!

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