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How many states have state legislatures?


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How many states have state legislatures?
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State legislatures are a part of the US government that represent the people of their state. They create laws and budgets that impact their state's citizens. They are made up of elected officials from districts around the state.
State Legislatures - Representing the People
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Legislature: A body of people who make laws for a state or nation. District: An area of land within a state represented by a specific elected official. Elected Official: A person chosen by the citizens to represent them in government.
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Do you think state legislatures should have the ability to pass laws without approval from the federal government?
  • Yes, they should be able to pass laws independently
  • No, because this would lead to confusion and inconsistency between states
  • Maybe, but only if there is a good reason for it
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There are 99 state legislatures in the United States. The smallest state legislature is Alaska's with just 20 members. The largest state legislature is New Hampshire's with 424 members.
Fun facts:
6. Drawings
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Brain Break: Draw me a picture of a political button.
7. Drawings
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Draw / write: What types of legislation do state legislatures create and pass?
8. Drawings
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Draw / write: What criteria must state legislatures consider when making legislative decisions?
9. Open question
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How do the laws passed by state legislatures affect the citizens of a state?
10. Open question
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How do citizens have an impact on the decisions made by state legislatures?

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