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In a few words, what is Curipod?
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Log in to your Curipod account and find your class. Create posts, comment on posts and interact with your classmates. Have fun learning with Curipod!
Using Curipod
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Using Curipod: Curipod is a digital platform designed to help teachers organize and store lesson plans and resources. It provides teachers with a variety of tools, such as calendars, to-do lists, and notes. Saving Information: To save information in Curipod, teachers can use the “Save” button to store their work. They can also create folders to organize their resources and lesson plans. Sharing Resources: Teachers can share their resources with other teachers by selecting the “Share” button. They can also invite other teachers to join their Curipod account and collaborate with them.
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Curipod allows you to access educational content outside of the classroom, even when the internet connection is slow or unstable. Curipod uses an AI-driven algorithm to curate the most relevant content for each user and adapts to their learning style. Curipod incorporates gamification elements to make learning more fun and engaging for students.
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Brain break: Draw a tree-house surrounded by flying unicorns in space
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Question: How can we use the Curipod to help us learn? Clues: • The Curipod is a device that can record and play back audio. • The Curipod has different settings for recording and playback. • The Curipod has a microphone and headphone jack. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Work in pairs and draw a picture of how you would use the Curipod to learn. B. Explain your drawing to your partner.
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What is Curipod used for?
  • To read books
  • To watch movies
  • To play games with your class
  • To share information and receive immediate feedback
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How do you start using Curipod?
  • Ask a friend to invite you to use it
  • Install the software on your computer
  • Create an account and log in
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What is one word you'd use to describe AI technology?

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