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June 2023 IDL
Hope for the future
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Named for the giant Lego Suffragette that will delivered from UK Parliament education department Importance of women in a functioning country Past, present and future Faculties across the school are involved
What is it all about?
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Which of these was NOT an organisation campaigning for women’s suffrage?
  • RSPB
  • WSPU
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Humanities Maths, English, Business and PE MVP?
Faculties involved
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Combine previous IDL work with Hope Role of women in sustainability and tackling climate change
Recycle and reuse
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The Idea
7. Open question
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Ideas for your subject?
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Article 13 Article 17 Article 29
Connections to Rights Respecting Schools
9. Open question
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What is one thing you can do to be more sustainable in work?
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