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Curipod lesson about topic "INTRODUCTION TO ADVERTISING". #8-10

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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
In a few words, what is advertising?
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Advertising is a form of communication used to influence an audience to take action. Advertisers use various methods, such as print media, radio, television, and digital media, to promote products and services. Advertising campaigns are designed to reach a particular audience in order to maximize their impact.
Introduction to Advertising
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Marketing: The process of creating, promoting, and distributing a product or service in order to generate sales. Creative Execution: The way in which an advertisement is visually designed, written, and presented to target an audience. Media Planning: The process of selecting which media types (newspapers, radio, television, etc.) and outlets (specific programs or stations) will be used to reach a target audience.
4. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: In your own words, explain what an advertisement is and why it is used.
5. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: What are the main purposes of advertising?
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The first successful newspaper ad was published in 1704 in the Boston News-Letter. The first television commercial aired in 1941 during a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. McDonald's is the world's largest advertiser, spending more than $2.3 billion on ads in 2014.
Fun facts:
7. Poll
300 seconds
What is the purpose of advertising?
  • To influence consumer behavior
  • To entertain viewers
  • To show support for a cause
  • To report news
8. Poll
300 seconds
What do you think are the two main types of advertising?
  • Online and Print
  • Digital and Traditional
  • Broadcast and Out-of-Home
  • Direct and Indirect
9. Poll
300 seconds
What do you think might be the best way to measure the success of an ad campaign?
  • By tracking sales and customer feedback
  • By measuring how many times the ad was viewed
  • By tracking the number of people who follow the brand on social media
  • By analyzing the number of website visits
10. Poll
300 seconds
What do you think is the best way to reach a target audience?
  • By researching the target audience's needs and interests
  • By using influencers to promote the ad
  • By buying banner ads on popular websites
  • By airing the ad during peak TV times

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