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In one word, how do you describe the ideal workplace behavior?


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In one word, how do you describe the ideal workplace behavior?
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Stay professional in all interactions Respect coworkers and supervisors Be mindful of workplace policies
Understanding Workplace Behavior
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Professionalism: the ability to interact and communicate in a way that is accepted as proper in a work environment. Respect: to recognize the worth of a person and to show consideration for their feelings, needs, or rights. Policies: a set of rules and regulations that an organization has established to ensure fair and consistent operations.
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What do you think is important to remember when it comes to workplace behavior?
  • Be punctual and respectful to your colleagues
  • Follow the rules and dress code of the company
  • Focus on being productive and completing tasks efficiently
  • Put your own interests and goals first
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Having a good attitude can help you get ahead at work. Making friends with colleagues can make work more enjoyable. Good workplace behavior is key to successful relationships with coworkers.
Fun facts:
6. Drawings
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Draw / write: What is the importance of having good workplace behavior?
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Draw / write: What strategies can we use to ensure we are acting in a professional manner in the workplace?
8. Open question
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How have you seen good workplace behavior from others?
9. Open question
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How have you personally exhibited good workplace behavior?

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