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Industrial Revolution in America


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Warmup - talk to your partner - what invention has affected your life the most?
2. Open question
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Turn and talk to your partner - what do your inventions have in common? What is different about them?
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4. Open question
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What do you think sparked the Industrial Revolution in America?
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The Industrial Revolution began in America in the late 18th century and transformed the US economy. It created new jobs and industries, with the use of new technologies and methods of production. It also led to the development of new transportation systems, such as canals and railroads.
Industrial Revolution in America
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Industrial Revolution: a period of time in the 18th and 19th centuries when major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation had a profound effect on the social, economic, and cultural conditions in America. Urbanization: the process of people moving from rural areas to cities, which increased dramatically during the Industrial Revolution due to the growth of factories and the need for labor. Factory System: a system of production in which machines, powered by water or steam, were used to produce goods in large quantities in factories, rather than in homes or workshops.
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The Industrial Revolution in America began with the introduction of a new textile manufacturing process called the power loom in 1793. The Industrial Revolution in America was financed by the wealthy merchants of New England, who were among the first to invest in factories and manufacturing equipment. The textile industry was one of the first industries to be mechanized during the Industrial Revolution in America, with the introduction of the spinning jenny in 1764.
Did you know?
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What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on American society?
  • It provided economic growth and increased wages for the working class.
  • It improved quality of life for all citizens.
  • It created more jobs and opportunities for advancement.
  • It led to increased pollution and exploitation of workers.
10. Open question
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What are some of the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution in America?
11. Open question
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What changes do you think the Industrial Revolution brought about in the United States that are still relevant today?

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