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Intro Stock Market

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What is a stock market?
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what are stock markets how to buy them how to calculate stock price changes how to read stock market tables
Learning objective:
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Stock Markets are where people buy and sell stocks and shares. Stocks and shares are pieces of a company that people can buy and sell. People buy stocks and shares to make money by selling them at a higher price.
Stock Markets Explained
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What are stocks?
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What are benefits to buying Stocks?
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What are the 2 main functions of the stock market?
  • To get $ from the public to run their business
  • To sell things in your house you don't want anymore
  • To allow the public to earn $ from businesses they invest in
  • To get rich quick
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Stock Market Table
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What is a stock market and how does it work?
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What is a stock market?
  • A store that sells socks
  • A park with swings and slides
  • A type of fish
  • A place where people buy and sell stocks
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What does it mean to buy shares of a company?
  • To borrow money from the company
  • To receive free products from the company
  • To become a partial owner of the company
  • To work for the company as an employee
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What is a stock exchange?
  • A marketplace where stocks are traded
  • A type of fast food restaurant
  • A place to exchange trading cards
  • A building where people live together
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Stock Market Simulation
$1000 Use $900 to Invest in 3 stocks Charge 1% commission for every stock you buy or sell Journal your transactions
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What Stocks do I buy?
Pick Companies you are familiar with Select Companies/Brands you or your family uses
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How do I buy Stocks?
Find the stock's closing price Figure out how many shares you can buy with $900
# of shares = Money you have / Stock's closing price
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Selling Stocks and Making Money

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