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Intro to World War I

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Based on our understanding of Imperialism, Do you think European countries get along
  • Yes
  • No
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Nationalism is the belief that one nation of people are superior to others Nations that gained power become ultra competitive and skeptical of each other Signed treaties and alliances to seek assurances of safety
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Think back to Imperialism, what counrty do you think showed Nationalism?
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Triple Alliance (Central Powers): Germany + Italy + Austria-Hungary Three Emperors' League + Reinsurance Treaty: Germany + Austria-Hungary agree to not fight Russia Gets overturned by Kaiser Wilhelm II This creates extreme distrust between Germany and Russia.
Treaties and Alliances:
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Triple Entente (Allied Powers): Britain + France + Russia
Treaties and Alliances:
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Belgium is protected by Britain. Serbia is protected by Russia. DON’T FORGET THAT ALL OF THESE POWERS ALSO HAD COLONIES AROUND THE WORLD!
Other Agreements Between European Powers:
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Which countries were apart of the Triple Entente
  • Britain, France, Germany
  • Britain, France, Spain
  • Britain, France, Russia
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Which countries were apart of the Triple Alliance?
  • Britain, Russia, Germany
  • Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
  • Germany, Russsia, Austria-Hungry

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