Introduction to Growth Mindset


What is growth mindset, and how is it different to a fixed mindset? In this lesson, the students get

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Growth mindset
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4. Word cloud
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Name a skill that you now know that you couldn't do when you were born.
5. Drawings
180 seconds
Draw a situation when growth mindset would be great to have!
6. Open question
150 seconds
How did you react last time you made a mistake?
7. Open question
210 seconds
With a growth mindset - how would you react when you make a mistake?
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hand in tests Joan presents homework vocab revision (Kursnotizbuch - 9.3.23) spread happiness and positivity tandem activity (Kursnotizbuch - exercise 9.3.23) (book p. 56)
to does for today (2x30minutes)
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I like working with you. I like learning with you. Your attitude inspires me. You make me laugh. You are well organised. I really like you. I love spending time with you. You make me fell appreciated. You are a great sportsperson. You are radiant. I like your relaxed attitude. ...
Give away compliments
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