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Introduction to Poetry


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1. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw your favorite song.
2. Poll
20 seconds
Does poetry have the power to help us make sense of our own personal experiences and societal challenges?
  • YES
  • NO
3. Word cloud
120 seconds
In a few words, what is poetry?
4. Slide
60 seconds
Poetry is a type of literature that expresses ideas, emotions, and tells stories using rhythm and imagery.
Introduction to Poetry
5. Slide
60 seconds
Title : Read the title. Based on the title, infer what the poem is about? Paraphrase: Read each stanza and write it in your own words. Connotation: Write down specific words and/or phrases that have emotion, feelings, and/or images. Attitude: How does the speaker ad/or author feel? Shifts: Where does the poem shift? Title Revisited: What is the purpose/importance of the title in regards to the poem? Theme: This is a whole sentence, not one word about the poem.
Reading Poetry: TPCASTT
6. Slide
60 seconds
Infer: an educated guess Paraphrase: using your own words to explain what the author is saying Connotation: the feelings or images a word brings to mind
Poetry Vocabulary
7. Slide
60 seconds
Attitude: the tone of the author Shift: when the view of the speaker changes. (use of words like - however, but, instead, etc Theme: what the author wants you to understand about the human experience.
Poetry Vocabulary
8. Word cloud
60 seconds
What are some connotations for a red rose?
9. Open question
300 seconds
What do you infer is happening in this picture?
10. Open question
300 seconds
Poets use imagery, if you were a poet, describing the woman you love, what imagery would you use to describe this person?
11. Slide
60 seconds
Many poems are about the emotions that one feels. Sometimes, they will use contrasting analogies to represent the conflicting emotions they are experiencing.
Poetry as Emotional Rendition
12. Word cloud
60 seconds
What emotions might one feel during and after war?
13. Open question
300 seconds
What theme did you find in a poem you recently read?
14. Slide
60 seconds
Write a short poem expressing your thoughts about a current event. War in Ukraine. -STAAR Testing School shootings. -15 Minute Cities Inflation -Iranian Girls Poisoning Train derailment. -In-person vs Virtual Learning or, choose a different topic
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