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Introduksjon av AI for 8. trinn


Curipod generated lesson: "Introduksjon av AI for 8. trinn". #5-7

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Hva tenker du på når du tenker på AI (Kunstig intelligens) Vet du om noen bruksområder?
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AI is a type of technology that enables computers to think, learn, and solve problems like humans. AI can help us become more efficient and make better decisions by collecting and analyzing data. AI can be used in many different areas, including medicine, finance, robotics, and more!
What is AI (KI)?
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Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is the ability of a computer or machine to think and learn. AI systems are able to analyze data and recognize patterns to make decisions or solve problems. Machine Learning (ML): ML is an application of AI which enables computers to learn from data and identify patterns without being explicitly programmed to do so. Deep Learning: Deep learning is a subset of ML which focuses on creating artificial neural networks, or “deep networks”, which are composed of multiple layers of nodes that process data and generate output.
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How do you feel about the introduction of AI in your 9th grade curriculum?
  • I'm excited to learn more about AI
  • I'm a bit worried about AI taking away jobs in the future
  • I'm neutral on the subject
  • I'm not interested in learning about AI
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AI is used to predict the future and identify patterns in data to make decisions. AI can be used to improve processes such as video streaming, customer service, and robotics. AI can be used to detect and diagnose diseases in the medical field, such as cancer and heart disease.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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How can AI be used to solve problems in the world today?
7. Open question
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What challenges are associated with using AI?
8. Open question
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What skills do you think are important to be successful with AI?
9. Open question
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How can you use AI to help improve your learning experiences?
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Hva tenker du om denne presentasjonen?
  • Veldig bra!
  • Bra!
  • Helt OK
  • Dårlig
  • Skikkelig dårlig

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