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Lesson Objectives

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1. Slide
60 seconds
What is this frog doing?
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Thursday 17th August 2023
3. Drawings
360 seconds
Lesson Objectives
Steps to Success
We are learning to edit peer’s writing on its text structure and the use of directional words and preposition of place.
To demonstrate the directional text structure To assess the use of directional words and preposition of place
4. Open question
180 seconds
Name three directional words that you can use in a sentence?
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60 seconds
What do you think about this text?
Suzanna and her family live in the Wisma Flats. Suzanna’s grandfather is visiting them from Miri. Suzanna’s mother usually drives her to school but she is busy. She asks Grandfather to drive Suzanna to school. She writes down the directions to the school so that he does not get lost. Directions from the Wisma flats to the school From the Wisma Flats turn left onto Jalan Merah. Go past the bank. Turn right onto Jalan Kuning. Go along Jalan Kuning past the taxi stand. Go straight through the traffic lights. Drive to the end of Jalan Kuning past the mall. The school is on the left opposite the mechanic shop.
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7. Open question
360 seconds
Quick Group Discussion
Writing samples will be given to each group Read the question below and put your responses on the paper
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60 seconds
Folder Check Up!
Please take one copy of the writing. Check your friend's writing. Use the Checklist given. Use the green colour pencil to put a small tick on the directional words and preposition of place. Write two stars and a wish for your friend.
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60 seconds
Writing Checklist
I can see directional words. I can see preposition of place. I can see time connectives. There is an introduction. There is the body of the text.
10. Drawings
330 seconds
Brain break: Draw a simple map on how to get to the toilet from our classroom.
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60 seconds
Let's Peer it up!
Go to your friend and give a simple feedback to him/her. Write two stars and a wish for your friend. Edit your draft with the help of the checklist. Write/ Type your edited or correct writing.
12. Poll
60 seconds
Which sentence is better?
  • Go along Jalan Biru past the cinema
  • Go along Jalan Biru through the cinema
  • Go along Jalan Biru over the cinema
  • Go along Jalan Biru below the cinema
13. Open question
300 seconds
Can you think of any sentences that use directional words in a creative way?
14. Open question
180 seconds
What was your favorite part of today's lesson?

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