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What is a line plot used to show?
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Line plots are a type of graph that show how data changes over time or how different groups compare. Each point on the line plot represents one data value, and points are connected to make a line. Line plots are a great way to make sense of data and draw conclusions!
Line Plots: A Visual Way to Understand Data
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Line plot: A line plot is a graph that shows the frequency of data along a number line. X-axis: The X-axis of a line plot is the horizontal axis that shows the numbers or categories being measured. Y-axis: The Y-axis of a line plot is the vertical axis that shows the frequency of data.
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What is the most creative way to use a line plot?
  • Create a timeline of a story.
  • Compare prices of items over time.
  • Track the growth of a plant.
  • Show the location of people on a map.
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4th grade students can create line plots with just three numbers. Line plots can be used to graph data from experiments, surveys, or games. Line plots can also be used to compare data from two different sets of data.
Did you know?
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How do line plots help us understand data?
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What is the difference between line plots and bar graphs?
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How has learning about line plots changed your understanding of data?
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How can you use line plots to interpret data in a meaningful way?

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