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Name a type of public transport.
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Public transport enables people to travel easily and quickly to access services and facilities. Good public transport networks can provide access to jobs, education, leisure and health services. Public transport can help reduce traffic congestion, pollution and improve overall quality of life.
Liveability Factors: Access to Services and Facilities
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In Australia, there are many different ways to go from one place to another! You can take a bus, a train, a tram or even ride on a ferry across the water. Some people also like to ride bikes or scooters. Each way is different and some are better for certain places. But they all help us get where we need to go!
Different ways to move around in Australia
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How important is access to public transportation to the liveability of a city?
  • Extremely important
  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not very important
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In some countries, public transportation has been around since the 1600s. The world’s first underground railway was built in London in 1863.
Did you know?
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What is good or bad about public transportation?
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Draw a broccoli-man flying in a hot dog car
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Recreational facilities are places where people can go to have fun. When a place has lots of these places like parks or swimming pools, it makes the area better for living because people are happier and healthier.
Recreational Facilities and Liveability
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Why is it important to have access to recreational facilities?
  • Not as much chance for community to get together
  • Increases stress
  • Improves Physical and mental health
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What are the benefits of having parks in your community?
  • Increased traffic
  • Higher crime
  • Lower house prices
  • Opportunities for exercise and socialization
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What might be some benefits of having public swimming pools?
  • Increases more activity and mental health
  • Provides a safe place to swim for people who can't afford private pools
  • Increases air pollution in the area surrounding the pool
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