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"Convert Measurement Units ". #5-7

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What do you think measurement means?
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To understand how our world uses measuremenets
Learning objective:
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Measurement units help us compare the size, weight and length of objects. When measuring, it is important to use the right unit of measure. Converting measurement units is a process of changing one unit of measure to another.
Converting Measurement Units
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Estimation: skill used based on previous experience and is useful when exact numbers are not required. Precision: A description on how close the measurement are to one another. Accuracy: Accuracy is the degree of exactness with which something is measured.
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The oldest known measurement system dates back 4,500 years and was used by the Ancient Egyptians. The metric system was created in France in 1799. The mile was originally defined as 1,000 double steps taken by Roman soldiers.
Fun facts:
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828m Tall
Burj Khalifa in Dubai
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Big Ben in London 96m
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Buildings around the World
10. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is the basic unit for measuring the length of an object?
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Work together in pairs: 5 cm is how many mm? *hint- centi=0.01 milli=0.001
12. Drawings
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Brain break: Create a 3D drawing of a futuristic city. Include at least five buildings, two vehicles, and a giant robot. Be sure to add in some bright and vibrant colours.
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To find celcius from fahrenheit, you take F and subtract what number before dividing it by 1.8?
  • 13
  • 32
  • 45
  • 28
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What is the basic unit for measuring the mass of an object?
  • pounds
  • newtons
  • grams
  • kilograms
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Taylor walked 150ft to her friends house, it took her 60 seconds. How many ft per second did she travel?
  • 2.33 ft/sec
  • 2.82 ft/sec
  • 2.50 ft/sec
  • 2.10 ft/sec
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SI stands for
  • Standard Units
  • System of International measurements
  • Universal measurements
  • International System of units

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