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Multiple choice: julius caesar act 1


Curipod lesson about topic "julius caesar act 1". #11-13

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1. Poll
300 seconds
Who does Julius Caesar defeat in the opening scene of Act I of Julius Caesar?
  • Pompey
  • Brutus
  • Cassius
  • Antony
2. Poll
300 seconds
What does the soothsayer advise Julius Caesar to beware of on the ides of March?
  • His enemies
  • Bad luck
  • The Senate
  • A storm
3. Poll
300 seconds
Who does Caesar refuse to grant a request to in Act I?
  • Calpurnia
  • Octavius
  • Casca
  • Mark Antony
4. Poll
300 seconds
What does Casca report to Cassius and Brutus that he has seen in the sky?
  • A comet
  • Lightning
  • A rainbow
  • An eclipse
5. Poll
300 seconds
What does Caesar refuse to be crowned as?
  • King of Rome
  • Emperor of the World
  • God of War
  • Supreme Leader
6. Poll
20 seconds
Why are the commoners wandering the streets instead of working?
  • They are celebrating Caesar's victory and return
  • They are waiting to revolt
  • There is an active volcano
7. Open question
210 seconds
How do Flavius and Marullus feel about the celebration?
8. Open question
210 seconds
How do Flavius and Marullus show their feelings toward Caesar?
9. Poll
20 seconds
What happens to Caesar after the 3rd offering of the crown?
  • he has a seizure
  • he throws up
  • he runs away crying
10. Word cloud
60 seconds
What happened to Flavius and Marullus?
11. Poll
20 seconds
How does Cassius feel about the Roman people now?
  • he wants to see the city burn
  • he calls them trash
  • he loves them all
12. Poll
20 seconds
What is Cassius's plan to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy?
  • send Hedwig
  • ask Cinna to sneak a letter to Brutus
  • send smoke signals

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